Koh Phangan Island

Orion offers tours around Koh Phangan, stopping off at the more isolated beaches on the East Coast of Koh Phangan. Had Yang, which is still a completely undeveloped beach, Than Sadet Beach, famous for it’s waterfalls; a peaceful place to relax away from the masses.

The river and waterfall once visited by their Majesties V, VII and IX provide beautiful tranquil spots to relax. Gigantic boulders grace the path of the Sadet river, many of which hold carvings of the various Kings initials marking their historic visits. The river falls down the steep mountainside to meet with the sea beside ‘Mai Pen Rai’ restaurant. Bharan lizards growing to huge sizes can be seen swimming and feeding here. The boat moves on to Thong Naipan, a spectacular double bay, (Yai and Noi), and Had Khuat (known as Bottle Beach), only really accessible by boat.

We offer snorkeling on the coral reef at Mae Had, and around to the other side of the island for sunset.