Amazing Angthong Marine Park

Angthong, literally means ‘golden bowl’, and occupies almost 250 sq km and includes 50 sq km of limestone islands. Rocks cliffs and rock formations rise dramatically from the sea. Caves, hidden lagoons and white sand beaches are there to be explored and snorkeling among the shallow coral gardens.

There is an abundance of wildlife here including Pacific reef-egret, collared kingfisher, hairy-nosed otters, white-bellied sea eagle, bats, little heron, white rumped shama, wagtails, king fishers, seagulls, common sandpiper, brahminy kite, southern pied hornbill, nest swiftlet, oriental pied hornbill,
monitor lizards, ashy drongo, dolphin, sea otters, leopard cats and macaques sea turtles, tortoises and pythons.

Group Bookings

Orion is available for private charter, for those wishing to take out their own group or party in private. If there is something special that you and your group would like to do, please just ask, and the crew can tailor make a tour to any particular place around Koh Phangan, Koh Tao, Koh Samui or Angthong to fit your needs and your pleasures.

The boat comes equipped with toilet, diving board, snorkeling equipment, kayaks, and the option of a food package throughout the day.

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Meet Some Of The Local Wildlife

The Gulf of Thailand, where Angthong Marine National Park is located, is a major breeding ground for the short-bodied mackerel, a staple in the Thai diet. Common land animals include squirrels, pythons, monitors, sea otters, leopard cats, wild boars and dusky langurs, which are unusually friendly.

Among 40 confirmed bird species are little herons, black bazas, brahminy kites, Eurasian woodcocks, kingfishers, wagtails and swifts – the nests of which are  considered a delicacy. On some Orion boat trips, Whales and dolphins have been spotted.