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Angthong Thailand 360

Angthong 360 Virtual Tour

Experience what Angthong has to offer from the air and take out 360 Virtual Tour to get an idea of the places we visit on the Orion Cruise to Angthong National Marine Park

ORION TOURS at Angthong Thailand

Visit our amazing snorkelling spot at Koh Wao where you can see the large snorkelling spot we normally stop at, the first stop on our Angthong Adventure or go to Ao Ka Beach where we get you in the water with kayaks.

Check out the Emerald Lagoon at Mae Koh and get an idea of what views you can get from the various viewpoints at this stop if you’re feeling fit and adventurous!

Koh Wau Talap is the last stop on our cruise and this has one of the best viewpoints in Thailand if not the world, take the trek to the top and get amazing views of the whole Angthong Marine Park, the main highlight of the day cruise and well worth the effort trekking up to the top!

Camping or Over Night Options

If you would like to spend more time at Angthong National Marine Park and stay overnight on Koh Wua Talap Island, you can camp and rent a basic bungalow/homestay while exploring this breath taking part of the world. 

All bookings for Tent & Bungalows are made through the Official Department of National Parks Website which is now available in English.

There are 4 park rooms at the headquarters area, two of these for 2 people and cost 600 Baht per night while the other two are for 6 and 8 people for 1,000 Baht and 1,500 Baht per night. A significant discount will apply when booked for Mon-Thu.


Book Online Through DNP Official Website Here

Angthong Visitor center

Angthong National Marine Park is truly one of the last unspoiled archipelagos of islands left in the world today. The name Angthong actually means ”Golden Bowl” when translated from Thai to English and is well suited to this amazing unspoiled part of paradise. Angthong National Marine Park is a protected area and has an abundance of not only marine life but some very rare birds and plant species that can only be found in this part of the world.

The Visitor Centre on Koh Wua Talap Island has a large display of all the local wildlife and information about what you can see during your trip to Angthong National Marine Park. The local park rangers are only too happy to give you more information on anything you would like to see or visit on the island.

The visitor centre is located next to the campsite, restaurant and toilets and is open most days when we arrive at Koh Wua Talap Island. You can also book your tent or bungalow at the Visitor Centre if you would like to stay overnight on Koh Wua Talap Island. Please note we don’t always come back the next day!

Koh Wua Talap

One of the biggest islands of Angthong Thailand is Koh Wua Talap (translated from Thai as the island of the sleeping cow). This island has the largest population of wild monkeys in Angthong Marine Park. This is a real tropical paradise with a beautiful sandy beach and picturesque virgin nature.

You have the opportunity to climb to the highest observation deck at a height of 500 meters. This vantage point offers a bird’s-eye view of the islands of Angthong National Marine Park. After climbing you can relax on the beach and take a dip in the cool waters of the bay.

For the most prepared travelers, there is an opportunity to visit the Lotus Cave. You will be able to see the unique stalactites and stalagmites of this cave.

Koh Wao

On Koh Wao islands (which means kite in Thai) you will go to the world of underwater adventures. We will provide you with everything you need for snorkelling. You discover the magical underwater world and its inhabitants. Excellent parrot fish, grey rays, butterfly fish, sea urchins and many colourful corals and polyps are in their natural habitat.

Known as the island of the sleeping dragon, Koh Wao Yai boasts swim-throughs and semi-hidden caves that contribute to the island’s fantastical vibe.

Though known for its craggy and rugged geological features, the island is equally famous for the clear and calm waters that juxtapose the island’s rough terrain.

Visitors will be hard-pressed to visit Koh Wao Yai and see that it’s not teeming with tour boats, as it’s a popular kayaking, snorkelling and diving destination at Angthong Thailand.

Koh Mae Ko

One of the mythical islands on your adventure will be Koh Mae Ko (Mother Island in Thai). Myths say: “There is an extinct volcano on this island. The eruption of this ancient volcano many centuries ago formed the islands of the Angthong National Marine Park. The volcano fell asleep and a lake formed in its crater.” The lake is called Talay Nai or better known as “Emerald Lake”.

The observation deck of the island offers a magnificent view of the emerald lake and the northern part of the Angthong National Marine Park. You have the opportunity to go down to the lake and feel how beautiful and mysterious this place is.

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Full Angthong Marine Park Cruise Videos

Get an idea of what you will see and experience during our daily cruise to Angthong National Marine Park with our daily boat trips on Orion Cruises.

View our videos from our daily cruise to Angthong Marine Park. The Orion Cruise is a little different to all the other speed boat tours, we take our time over the day spending more time at our main spots than other tours.

We are normally the last boat to leave the island just before sunset to end your perfect Phangan boat trips.

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